Star Academy: Aaron Nouchy, Annily Chatelain, Elia Vaé… Who are the children of former students?

It will not have taken more than 48 hours for several thousand people to apply for the casting of the next season of the star Academy. Barely announced, the return of the famous tele-crochet of TF1 arouses great interest. It must be said that the star Academy mark above all the arrival of TV hooks in France, after the success of loft story, it is the musical program of TF1 which marked a whole generation. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the bonuses of TF1 this year also had audience ratings. 20 years have passed and the former students of the star Academy, all seasons combined, have made their way. If some have remained in the music, like Jennifer, others have converted to television like Jean-Pascal Lacoste. But above all, a large number of them have become parents. So, who are the children of Star Academy?

Jenifer is the first winner of the TF1 show. And if the 39-year-old artist is still successful in his professional career, the ex-coach of The Voice also experienced great happiness in his personal life. She is also the mother of three boys, Aaron Nouchy, 18, the fruit of her love affair with musician Maxim Nucci, but also of joseph (7 years old), born from his past relationship with the actor Thierry Neuvic, and finally a youngest, born in 2021, whose first name has been kept secret and whose dad is none other than her husband Ambroise Fieschi. She is of course not the only one to have become a mother among the former students of the star Academy.

Annily Chatelain, Lenny Camara and Kylie Lacoste…

Like her, Nolwenn Leroy (Star Academy 2) experienced the joys of motherhood with little Marin, Emma Daumas (Star Academy 2), with two children, Valentine and Antonin, Olivia Ruiz (Star Academy 1) with a little Nino or even Magali Vaé (Star Academy 5), with a little Elia. Former students have also become fathers, this is the case of Houcine (Star Academy 2), whose son Lenny made a strong impression during his time on the show’s 20th anniversary set. But also Jean-Pascal Lacoste (Star Academy 1), father of Kylie and Maverick, born of the love of the latter with an American named Jennifer. Currently in a relationship with Delphine Tellier, sister of Sylvie Tellier, they are also expecting their first child. Finally Jérémy Chatelain (Star Academy 2) is the father of a lovely 17-year-old girl, Annily Chatelain, whose mother is none other than Alizée.