Star+ announces the start of the series ‘Nada’ starring Robert De Niro and Luis Brandoni

Argentina.- Star+ announces the start of production “Any”, the new dramatic comedy that will arrive in 2023.

The series created and directed by Argentine film and television directors and producers Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat and written by Emanuel Diez, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, is starring Louis Brandoni.

Among other renowned guest figures, Robert DeNiro, who will have a special participation in the firsts 4 episodes and as a guest star in episode 5.

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Luis Brandoni stars in the series ‘Nada’. Photo: Special.

The cast of “Nada” is completed with the actors and actresses Majo Cabrera, María Rosa Fugazot, Silvia Kutika, Enrique Piñeyro, Belén Chavanne, Daniel Aráoz, Cecilia Dopazo, Gastón Cocchiarale, Daniel Miglioranza, Ariadna Asturzzi and Rodrigo Noya.

In “Nothing”, Manuel (Brandoni) is a sophisticated food critic from Buenos Aires, provocateur and art lover, who, despite being an emblematic figure of Buenos Aires culture, has run out of money thanks to a life of waste and wanting to maintain his comfortable style.

The two figures will star in a new series. Photo: Special.

When you unexpectedly can no longer count on the woman (fugazoth) who worked at home for four decades solving absolutely everything for him, as a kind of personal assistant, housekeeper and cook, realizes that he doesn’t know how to do anything on his own and decides to hire Antonia (Cabrera), orA young woman born and raised in a small town in Paraguay, whom she has to instruct about innumerable aspects of her life, from her relationships and personal tastes to gastronomic and cultural issues. Antonia finds Manuel immersed in a small chaos that she thinks she has under control, and the clash of cultures and generations of each one will turn into unusual, intense, contradictory and tender situations that will leave great learning for both.

Robert DeNiro. Photo: Special.

Vincent (De Niro), a prestigious writer of international renown, a friend of Manuel For a long time, he will have a very important role in this new stage in which Manuel’s life will take an unexpected turn.

Composed of five episodes and filmed in emblematic locations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, “Nada” stands out for its ironic and witty humor with which it addresses different paradigmatic sociocultural behaviors that will make the audience laugh and move. The story also immerses viewers in the fascinating world of gastronomy, with numerous references to well-known figures and restaurants from the Buenos Aires gourmet scene.

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