Star Wars: a model of an X-Wing ship from the first part of the saga has been sold for more than 2 million dollars

An X-Wing ship model used in the first installment of the saga Star Wars directed by George Lucas was auctioned. Unsurprisingly, it exceeded all estimates. Initially estimated at a price between 500,000 and 1 million dollars, it pulverized expectations and was sold for the sum of 2.375 million dollars. An astronomical price which is undoubtedly justified by the immense popularity of the saga Star Wars but also by the rarity of the model. She is indeed one of the only models to survive the shooting, most of the others having been destroyed by pyrotechnic effects during the final sequence on the assault on the Death Star. In addition, the model sold at auction is very well preserved.

The sale was organized by Prop Store, which specializes in film set accessories and objects. “The X-Wing is a fantastic piece of the history of Star Wars that has never been auctioned before,” Prop Store COO Brandon Alinger explained to Forbes. “One of the greatest qualities of Star Wars is the strong design aesthetic that shines through in every frame of the film. The X-wing is a key example of this and is certainly the most memorable spaceship in the film along with the Millennium Falcon.” He adds that “the X-wing models were a concept straight out of George Lucas, who was thinking of slender dragsters with wings”. “They were completely custom made by a team of expert model makers from the film.” “What makes this one so wonderful is that it comes from the original of Star Wars and that it is the only intact and fully completed X-wing model from the production of the film that exists among private collectors today,” he continues.

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