Stars and their phobias, Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies

Many are afraid of heights, darkness and spiders. But there are also phobias that are very bizarre. And don’t stop at top Swiss chefs or Hollywood stars. Meta Hiltebrand (38) is terrified of bananas. The Zurich restaurateur goes so far that she gets an oppressive feeling when someone peels one in her presence. “I’m getting sick, I’m completely dazed and can no longer speak.” I just can’t stand that smell,” she said in a recent interview. “If things go badly, I’ll even collapse.” That happened to her a few years ago in a TV production.

Talking about it is not difficult for the stars. Oscar winner Nicole Kidman (54) is terrified of butterflies. This started in her childhood. “When I came home from school and there was a butterfly on our front gate, I would crawl over the fence or slink along the side of the house just to avoid encountering it.”