Stars in the circus ring: Sarah Engels was nasty about her appearance

She became known as a singer, but Sarah Engels has already shown in various formats that she can not only shine with her voice. Whether as an actress in her own film or on ice skates in the Sat.1 show “Dancing on Ice”, Sarah Engels likes to face new challenges.

On Friday evening (January 6th) Sarah Engels will be back in front of the camera for Sat.1. This time, however, not on the ice, but in the circus tent of Circus Krone. In “Stars in der Manege” she mimics the acrobat and swings through the air on the rope. Not an easy task for someone who hasn’t trained for it all his life. Despite this not entirely unimportant aspect, there is still criticism – but Sarah does not want to accept it so easily and reacts promptly.

“Stars in the ring”: Sarah Engels counters hater comments

Sarah Engels realized early on in her career that you can’t always please everyone. But not every hate message has to remain uncommented. One day before “Stars in der Manege” is broadcast, Sat.1 publishes an excerpt of Sarah’s appearance on Instagram.

Here you can read not only positive comments about the singer. There is also some bad news here. And Sarah Engels reacts directly to them. She writes: “The old woman was not secured and she was also ill. But the old woman still wanted to step on the gas.”

“Stars in the ring”: Sarah Engels gets encouragement from fans

The fact that she would react to it personally, or even follow the comments so meticulously, not only causes a great surprise for many, but above all enthusiasm. A lot of messages that encourage Sarah accumulate under her comment.

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Then she speaks up again and says thank you: “Thank you for all your love. That really took a lot out of me, but I’m really glad I did it. It was so much fun.”

During the rehearsals, she told Sarah Engels how much effort the number really took to overcome. The singer struggled with persistent dizziness and struggled to even stay airborne. The complaints did not subside until the end and despite various treatment attempts.