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Series. It’s the famous days that didn’t exist that Franziska Weisz, Diana Amft, Jasmin Gerat and Franziska Hackl look back on in the new ORF series. They have been going through all the ups and downs since school – until investigations put their friendship to the test. Because still water is deadly.
stars. In the new series from the makers of Vorstadtweiber, the four top actresses will be mixing up the main evening from Monday at 8:15 p.m. – many old friends like Bernhard Schir can also be seen in other roles.

AUSTRIA: The series revolves around four friends. Do you still have school friends?
Franziska Weiss: I still have a friend from kindergarten, my Marion. We got to know each other when we were very young, lost touch in the lower grades and found each other again in our mid-twenties.
AUSTRIA: What was it like on the set – did you become friends with your colleagues?
Weiss: We met on the set and the sympathy was there. It intertwined. We really like each other. It was a bit like Parship: we were brought together there and it just fits perfectly.
AUSTRIA: In the series, the girlfriends share a traumatic schoolday. How was this time for you?
Weiss: I didn’t like my school days at all. I could never say to a child who doesn’t want to go to school: “Come on, go, you’ll think it’s great anyway.”