Stefanie Hertel is angry about the fate of “corona dogs”

Updated on 08/10/2022 at 1:25 p.m

  • Pop singer Stefanie Hertel has a big heart for animals, especially dogs.
  • The singer expresses her outrage at people who, after Corona, are now giving up the dogs they bought at the time of the pandemic at the animal shelter.
  • In an interview, the 43-year-old spoke of a “huge mess”.

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Singer Stefanie Hertel is passionate about animals. Since 2004, the Vogtland native has been an animal welfare ambassador for the German Animal Welfare Association. Therefore, she also knows the current situation in German animal shelters very well. The sanctuaries are currently bursting at the seams. One reason for this: the Corona crisis.

During the pandemic, dogs, cats and the like were much sought-after entertainers in the four walls at home, but now pets are filling animal shelters. In an interview with “”, Stefanie Hertel lets her annoyance run free: “That was to be expected and is a huge mess. What kind of people are they who buy a dog as a toy and then give it away when it becomes a nuisance? ”

Stefanie Hertel has two dogs herself

The interview also says that the ex-wife of “Always Again on Sundays” presenter Stefan Mross and her husband, the singer Leopold “Lanny” Lanner, have two dogs themselves: Freddy and Keri. “Then Stefanie saved a dog’s life while on vacation in the mountains of Greece,” says Lanner.

Without further ado, Stefanie took the four-legged friend to Germany and named him Keri. It was only later that the rescuer noticed that Keri was pregnant. Since then, Keri and her son Freddy have been part of the Hertel family.

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