Steff & Peggy before comeback? “Rarely succeeds” –

It was shocking news for all “Goodbye Germany” fans when Steffen Jerkel and Peggy Jerofke officially confirmed their separation in early November 2022. After the ex-couple went through thick and thin for more than 25 years, both draw a line.

But despite the separation, the “Goodbye Germany” stars spend a lot of time together. Steff and Peggy even spend the holidays together with their daughter in Ischgl. The 53-year-old is currently said to be living under the same roof with the two in Mallorca. Could a love comeback be imminent?

“Goodbye Germany” stars Steff and Peggy want a second chance

Apparently, the distance from each other in the form of the separation has done the two good. At least that’s what Steff Jerkel says in an RTL interview: “From that day on we somehow got along a lot better.” And the holiday together in Austria probably works quite well: “It’s really really nice. Probably nicer than if we drove here as a couple. We are totally liberated.”

And the former dream couple also has a clear answer to all questions: both want a love comeback. But can something like this work at all after a breakup or is the beautiful dream doomed to fail? Psychologist Carmen Lenz has her concerns.

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“Goodbye Germany” stars: love comeback from a psychological point of view

What has to happen for a second attempt in a relationship to succeed? And what are the chances that it will ultimately last forever? Psychologist Carmen Lenz has the answers to these questions.

“Successful resumption of the relationship depends on whether it is possible to keep in touch with each other, which is why it failed. And whether it is also possible that everyone is willing to see for themselves what part they have contributed to the separation. You have to stay in touch to see what needs to change in order for the relationship to last,” she tells us.

But the path to a second chance is not easy and cannot be achieved overnight: “As a rule, this is not done with a conversation, but it is a process of making the effort to keep looking with the idea ‘ What do we both need to feel good about the relationship?’ Then I think it can work. On the other hand, it’s difficult when you say, ‘Man, that was stupid. Let’s just delete that now. We’ll just start over.’ This rarely succeeds, because then there is a risk that one has not looked closely. There was a reason why you broke up.”

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