Stéphane Eimer: brutal death of one of the biggest fortunes in France

Stéphane Eimer, the boss of the powerful company of medical analysis laboratories Biogroup, died on Wednesday June 22, as announced by AFP.

This is sad news that was announced this Thursday, June 23. Stéphane Eimer, Eimer, president of the powerful company of medical analysis laboratories Biogroup, was found dead, as announced by AFP. An investigation was quickly opened to determine cause of death and, according to a source familiar with the matter, it is the trail of suicide that has been mentioned. “This is a brutal and sudden death“, explained the media. According to information from the Parisian, the 52-year-old man was “found dead in the early morning at the foot of the Royal Monceau hotel“. A discovery that foreshadows “a fall from a balcony“. The doctor of pharmacy had founded Biogroup in 1998 and he presented himself as one of the leaders in medical biology analyzes in France. In 2021, the magazine Challenges ranked him at the 167th place of the greatest fortunes of France. The group has more than 11,000 employees, spread across France, Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

The death of Stéphane Eimer upset many people, but especially the people he worked with on a daily basis. “All of the group’s leaders will continue their work with commitment and determination“, indicated Sophie Beria, general manager Île-de-France, and Prosper Attias, deputy general manager in the columns of Parisian. “He was young“, explained an employee. “I saw him two or three times, the last time was at a convention two years ago. He was with his wife and ten-year-old son.“, continued another. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Stéphane Eimer stood out since he had heavily relied on RT PCR testing technologies. He had notably affirmed that public structures would quickly be overwhelmed by the scale of the epidemic and that the government would turn to the private sector. “Several tens of millions of euros have been invested“, he had explained in the columns of the Echos.

Stéphane Eimer: did his death cause a reaction?

The brutal announcement of the death of Stéphane Eimer quickly made the union of biologists react. “This disappearance is a real shock for the profession and for all the biologists and collaborators of his group.“, wrote Doctor François Blanchecotte, president of the SDB in a press release. “We express our full support to his wife, family and loved ones.“, she then specifies before adding: “For my part, my laboratory being part of Biogroup, I can testify to the work force, the audacity and the vision of Stéphane“Will the investigation provide answers to those close to Stéphane Eimer?