Stéphane (Les 12 coups de midi) still in contact with Jean-Luc Reichmann after his elimination? He answers

Tuesday January 24, on Fun Radio, Stéphane, fallen champion of 12 strokes of noonconfided in his elimination, but also in his relationship with Jean-Luc Reichmann.

There it’s finished. On Friday January 20, Stéphane was eliminated from the Twelve strokes of noonbefore having succeeded in breaking the record of Bruno, the greatest champion of the game presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann. He leaves all the same with 568,434 euros in gifts and winnings (he will receive 390,200 euros by bank transfer), accumulated in 153 victories in the TF1 show. What allow him to have fun.

“I want to put as much money aside as possible to ensure the future of my children. They would need it. The current context is difficult and the future is more than uncertain. They will use this money better than I do. My life is madesaid Stéphane in an interview with Tele-Leisure. And to add that he was still going to make himself a gift: “I’m going to London in September to see my favorite band. »

He’s a gentleman, I don’t want to disturb him. »

Tuesday, January 24, Stéphane answered questions from Cartman, on Fun Radio. He notably returned to his elimination, and to his immense emotion when he was beaten by Sarah. “I fought alone and lost like that, I have all the emotion that came back, when I realized all the money I earned in five months », he confided. Emotion shared by Jean-Luc Reichmann, who was part of Stéphane’s daily life for five months. But they did not become friends: It was just coworkers »slipped the candidate about his relationship with the presenter.

And since his elimination, Stéphane has not heard from Jean-Luc Reichmann, except through the WhatsApp group of former noon masters in which the host is present. He’s a gentleman, I don’t want to disturb him. If he wants us to stay in touch, he’ll call me […] We may need to keep in touch “Stephane explained. To be continued.