Stéphane Plaza in Adam and Eve outfit: He wishes a happy new year in a funny way

By Laura D’Angelo

– Published on 02 Jan 2023 at 11:30 am

Stéphane Plaza did not hesitate to drop the top and the bottom to wish a happy new year 2023 to all his fans.

What if celebrating the New Year dressed up was ultimately not very trendy? While many celebrities have released their most beautiful outfit for the transition to the new year, now an M6 host has opted for another possibility… Indeed, Stéphane Plaza surprised all his fans on Instagram by posting a video of him… buttocks in the air! The real estate agent dropped the top and bottom to celebrate a great year 2023 to his community. In a hilarious message he shared his wishes: “No first place in the standings and you missed it! I offer you a second opportunity to see her. The Moon of Happiness without losing the good mood, make your wishes and they will come true without delay”, he writes.

Stéphane Plaza: “I wish you a Happy New Year 2023 from the ocean”

With a lot of humor, the host of M6 indulges in a humorous tirade. “A ‘tree frog’ in his element, Laurent Ruquier comes out of this body in which you ‘inhabit me’! I wish you a Happy New Year 2023 from the ocean. The countdown is on, the counter displays 365 days to fulfill your wishes and be happy. For my part, I don’t give up, I continue my quest for the whale to be able to swim with it ». With his text, Stéphane Plaza tries to send a message: “I try to attract him by all means until I get naked and for the moment that nay!! I hope the fish won’t take the bait. To live with one’s nonsense is to live while keeping one’s child’s soul, forgetting to be an adult, stuck in a straitjacket…”

Through this post, Stephane Plaza wishes the best to all his community and shows that for 2023, he has not forgotten his humor. “Take care of yourself and your loved ones, don’t be afraid to dare to say sorry or I love you, these are magic words that can mend hearts. Learn not to offend anyone, for souls can be as fragile as dandelion seeds. And especially if we could stop all kinds of hasty judgments, then we could ‘live in the best of all possible worlds’…. » A way to spend the new year with a lot of humor. His publication obviously made his community die of laughter. 2023 promises to be hilarious for Stéphane Plaza, who is trying to regain his legendary good humor after having gone through difficult times, as he has often confided this year on his social networks.