Stéphane Plaza victim of a burglary: The images revealed!

This is the first time that Stéphane Plaza has complained of such a crime committed at home. The famous host of Search apartment or house was indeed the victim of a burglary which had caused a lot of damage in his home. A real blow for this man who could not have guessed that it was going to happen to him one day. Disgusted by this intrusion that took place at his home, the star of the small screen therefore did not fail to share the images of what had happened to him on Instagram. What enormously to react within his community.

A year that started badly

The start of 2022 is likely to be particularly difficult for Stéphane Plaza, who even had his electric razor stolen. As a reminder, the thugs would have entered his home during the day on Saturday when he was away filming. The latter had in this sense had the time to ransack everything in his apartment. Visibly interested in valuables, the burglars would not have hesitated to turn his apartment upside down in order to achieve their ends.

Stéphane Plaza had of course filed a complaint after what had happened to him. The law enforcement officers dispatched to the scene then began by noting the damage before bringing together all the elements to start their investigation. Investigations that should lead to the perpetrators of this package.