Stéphane Plaza will star in a French version of Point Break and compares himself to Keanu Reeves

Stéphane Plaza will soon find the film sets. The real estate agent and television host had tried his luck in the cinema in 2018 in I lost Albert, a comedy where he shared the poster with Julie Ferrier and Josiane Balasko. With only 61,000 admissions and incendiary reviews, this first attempt at the seventh art had been a bitter failure, to say the least.

Not enough to discourage the 51-year-old man who announced in the columns of the Belgian media Telepro that he already had two new film projects, including one point break French version. “Yes, I have two proposals including one with skate-surfers, it’s a French version of point break. I am the French Keanu Reeves. We are going to shoot this in Brittany. For the second proposal, I’m reading it”, he said. The comparison to Keanu Reeves is more than daring when you know the popularity of the interpreter of John Wick at Hollywood.

Released in 1991, point break allowed the American actor to be revealed to the general public and to become a real star. Keanu Reeves played an undercover FBI agent in a band of robbers, also known to be surfers. Having become cult over the years, the film was also famous for the legendary duo formed by Keanu Reeves with the late Patrick Swayze.


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