Stéphane Plaza’s “slack”: Jean-Luc Reichmann shares a very complicit video with the host

While dining at the restaurant, Jean-Luc Reichmann and Stéphane Plaza indulge in a few confidences. The TF1 host is worried about his friend.

The year 2022 has been special for Stéphane Plaza. Indeed, the flagship host of M6 has made the decision to stop drinking. Her best friend, Karine Le Marchand, had revealed her overloaded daily life and her way of disappearing from the radar.He went to bed late, drank a lot and pulled on the rope. And all of a sudden, he disappears, he does the job. He is the only man capable of leaving for weeks leaving his cell phone in Paris”. Determined to change his life, the most famous real estate agent in France celebrated an important milestone on Tuesday, December 27: “155 days without alcohol, 57 days without Red Bull”he announced proudly.

Usually depressed by the holiday season, Stéphane Plaza celebrated them as it should this year : “It is true that for a few years, it was a period that I hated, which saddened me… I decided to heal my wound, to heal my heart, to get better, so that my guardian angel [sa maman, décédée d’un cancer, ndlr] be happy to see me smile. The pain is easing although I miss this loved one terribly, but this year, Christmas, it will be with my loved ones. I no longer isolate myself, I now want to live and take full advantage of them, because family is sacred.” But this boost of energy has been clouded somewhat.

Stéphane Plaza worries Jean-Luc Reichmann

Indeed, this Wednesday, December 28, his friend, Jean-Luc Reichmann has unveiled a video in which we can see them at the restaurant. “I don’t feel so good at the moment. I don’t feel you as usual”, launches the presenter of 12 strokes of noon. What Stéphane Plaza asks: “Do you have something to tell me?” Jean-Luc Reichmann then made him a beautiful declaration of friendship: “I just wanted to tell you that I love you.” In legend, the presenter of TF1 writes: “Stéphane Plaza’s big blow tonight…”