Stephanie Cayo and her failed attempt to explain what “avocado” means in Peruvian slang (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs-Colombia-Mexico-Netflix | SHOWS

As part of the promotion of the film “Until we meet again”, a film in which she stars, the actress Stephanie Cayo He joined a fun segment on TikTok on Neflix Latin America, however, he did not expect that his comments would arouse controversy.

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It all started when the model also had to mention some “Peruvian phrases” for the platform and explain their meaning.

“Hey ‘chocherita’, I’m Stephanie Cayo and on Netflix they also speak Peruvian pe’. These are some phrases so that when they go to my country they can use them, ”she said once the video started.

Later, the remembered protagonist of “The Secretary” commented that the expression “asu mare” is used “when something surprises you a lot.”

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At another time, he assured that in Peru people who are bored are called “avocado”. “The avocado is the avocado, but we also say avocado to someone who is bored. So, we tell him ‘hey don’t be an avocado, well’ or ‘don’t make avocados on your head, don’t worry, relax’ ”, he indicated.

The particular scene caused users to make comments questioning Cayo’s words: “What an avocado that doesn’t know how to explain what an avocado means”; “As far as I know, ‘avocado’ is like saying ‘shame’; “Like when you pretend you have a street”; “Avocado is not that mana”.