Stephanie Cayo: Natalia Paris confirms that the Peruvian actress got into her relationship with Juan Baptista | Infidelity | RMMN entertainment | SHOWS

Stephanie Cayo He would have had a forbidden romance with Juan Alfonso Baptista, as revealed by the model and DJ Natalia Paris, a former sentimental partner of the Venezuelan actor.

In a conversation with the journalist Omar Vásquez, Natalia Paris pointed out that her 7-year relationship with the renowned actor ended due to infidelity between her partner and the Peruvian actress.

This case of infidelity would have occurred in the year 2007. According to Natalia, Baptista and Cayo’s forbidden romance was when both actors had a leading role in the soap opera “The mark of desire”.

"the mark of desire"starring Stephanie Cayo and Juan Baptista, was broadcast on RCN Television.
“The mark of desire”, starring Stephanie Cayo and Juan Baptista, was broadcast on RCN Television.

As Natalia Paris explained, she found out everything due to the speculations that arose in the entertainment magazines of that time. For this reason, the Colombian DJ did not hesitate to confront him and ask him to tell her the truth, although Juan Alfonso Baptista never wanted to tell him what was really going on.

Finding no clear answer from her boyfriend, Natalie Paris He decided to put an end to their love story, but before he made a scene of jealousy.

“Do you know what I did? I took her clothes and threw them all over the balcony, I broke the four tires of her car (…) we are passionate, we have a lot of fire and it was the way to express it ”, The model pointed out in an interview with Omar Vásquez.


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