Stéphanie makes shock revelations about the horrible things she suffered in the adventure

Stéphanie has just been eliminated from the Koh-Lanta adventure. This is an opportunity for the young adventurer to settle her accounts with the adventure, and to make some revelations to us along the way… The Objeko team tells you everything in this article.

Koh-Lanta: a new season full of twists and turns

Koh-Lanta is on our screens again! And this new season is highly anticipated. But not for good reasons. Remember, just a few months ago, TF1’s flagship program found itself in an unenviable position.

Indeed, the All Stars edition that everyone was impatiently awaiting found itself at the heart of a huge scandal. Everything started well, however, with the most beautiful cast that the show has ever known. All the biggest stars were together, and everyone wanted to win like never before. Maybe even a little too much…

Very soon, allegations of cheating surfaced. Some candidates from Koh-Lanta La Légende have indeed had food delivered to them and others have simply stolen it! Teheiura paid the high price for this cheat, having to leave the adventure. However, other candidates were also targeted. Once they reached the final, the competition was cancelled. There was no winner and the prize was donated to the Bertrand-Kamal association.

Many viewers are therefore waiting for this new season of TF1’s flagship program with a watchful eye. The first controversies arose even before the start of the broadcast. One of the candidates is indeed the subject of a complaint for manslaughter. Objeko had already told you about it. So far, everything seems to be going pretty well. And our good old Denis Brogniart is watching the grain on Koh-Lanta more than ever.

Stephanie leaves the adventure

This Tuesday, March 22, TF1 broadcast the fifth episode of its flagship show Koh-Lanta. As expected, the episode was filled with twists and turns! There was thus panic among the yellows. There is a real split between the old blues and the yellows of the first hour. This was also the subject of an argument between Colin and Stephanie. A heated argument which fortunately ended quite quickly.

It was the end of the journey for Stephanie, who was already in the hot seat in the previous episode. If she had then been very lucky in the draw, the vote of her peers was against her this week.

Stéphanie, a trained croupier, had a good career in Koh-Lanta. The one we had already seen in programs such as La Maison du bluff: Objectif 100,000 euros, on NRJ 12, and Les Reines du shopping, on M6, impressed us with her talents as a tactician. With a job like yours, you have to know how to remain unmoved, and above all know how to be calculating. Unfortunately, this will not have been enough to make her go further in the adventure.

Stéphanie gives herself over to her ordeal in Koh-Lanta

Stéphanie, like many candidates, suffered during the filming of Koh-Lanta. The show is indeed no picnic. The physical efforts are linked, and the comfort is very Spartan. Candidates constantly struggle with fatigue and hunger, not to mention the tensions and alliances that litter the game…

In a long interview given to our colleagues of 20 minutes, the candidate of Koh-Lanta delivers without filter on her adventure, which has already started on bad bases: “From the first day i said i was not strong and it stuck in my mind, i shot myself in the foot.”. Indeed, it would seem that this innocuous sentence was enough to categorize it.

Despite certain talents, the young adventurer has been in the hot seat several times. It is a situation that has made him suffer enormously: “In real life, in the game, the first one was fine. The second, it was starting to smell like bad luck. The third, I cried because I was only living the horrible things of Koh-Lanta: survival, nights, rain, cold, hunger. I didn’t even experience the fun of the events, the excitement and the fact of bonding with my team. In the end, I was a spectator of Koh-Lanta and it was frustrating.”.

It would seem, however, that her misadventures have passed, and that she does not hold it against her: “I am also lucky to have had 100% positive feedback. Not all adventurers have experienced this. Until the end of my adventure, I only have people who send me messages of love and support. It’s crazy !”. We wish him much success for the future!