Stéphanie suffering, she announces terrible news

Usually, when Stephanie speaks on her Instagram page, it’s to share her happiness. It must be said since she passed in Love is in the meadow, she is always on her little cloud.

She met her prince charming

Happy on the arm of her darling Hervé, for whom she immediately fell in love, she never stops taking pictures in his company. Not long ago, the lovers celebrated the anniversary of their meeting: a year has already passed.

It passes very quickly.1 year of love. 1 year my life changed. Thank you darling for your kindness, you are an awesome man, I am happy again thanks to you, ”she noted. in the caption of a photo of her on the arm of her lover. But on May 12, his good mood gave way to sadness. Thus, she shared some very sad news about her.

A terrible disease

That the fans of Love is in the meadow are reassured: it is not a question of his love story. The months follow one another, Stéphanie is still as much in love with the farmer, who fills her with joy every day. But now a health concern upsets their balance. On her Instagram account, the ex-rival of Vanessa indicated that she had a disease of which she did not say the same name.

Today I’m not in great shape, I have vertigo again, tinnitus, hearing loss in my left ear and especially great fatigue. I realize that I will have to live with this disease”, said with the young woman, before specifying in the comments that it is Ménière’s disease, which is marked by attacks of vertigo. A disease from which she would have been suffering since the end of 2021. Objeko hopes that the young woman will quickly overcome this ordeal. Especially since on the side of her love life, she seems fulfilled.

Karine Le Marchand, star presenter of Love is in the Meadow

The opportunity to return to the course of the star host of the show love is in the meadow. Daughter of a father from Burundi and a mother born in Lorraine, Karine Lemarchand was born on August 16, 1968 in Nancy.

During her youth, she developed her taste for music. She plays the harp and the flute. Karine Le Marchand dreams of becoming a singer. But once her modeling career was launched, she began as a presenter on RMC. From 1998, she presented the show music, music on France 3. In 2004, she succeeded Maïtena Biraben at the helm of the program Kindergartens on France 5. Karine Lemarchand will say, after 5 years at the head, that this is her best experience on TV. Since 2010 she has been in charge of the program which allows peasants to find love, Love is in the meadow on M6. Very popular, the show has good ratings. An undeniable success.

On the heart side, she is the mother of a daughter named Alya (born in 2003). In 2013, she announced her breakup with Lilian Thuram, whose life she had shared since 2007. In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will not fail to tell you about the news of the show love is in the meadow. Many participants continue to give news on social networks.

Some have become very public and appear as the stars of their village. A small revolution for peasants who had been quite isolated until then. Some find love some don’t. It’s a bit of a lottery. We have to adapt to this situation, which is not easy. Farming is very hard work. In this profession, there are few vacations and high rates. The salaries are quite low.