sterility, his wife, his origins, his real name, his greatest hits… We tell you everything

Keen’V is celebrating its 40th birthday on January 31! A look back at his career, the secrets of his marriage’s longevity, his dreams of fatherhood and his other secrets…

He makes you dance with his sunny hits: Keen’V celebrates its 40th birthday on January 31. The successful singer is back with his tenth album Diamond and its pipe outsummer. What is the real name of the artist? What are its origins ? His greatest hits? Does he have children? Le Journal des Femmes scrutinized Keen’V.

The latest information on Keen’V

Where is Keen’V from?

Born January 31, 1983 in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Keen’V, real name Kévin Bonnet, grew up in a French family with his sister Lorelei and her parents. Her father Jean-Jacques Bonnet is a medical doctor and her mother Valérie Bonnet worked as an executive secretary. The Norman has Italian origins. In his youth, Keen’V was educated in Normandy, registered as a volunteer firefighter and then became a first DJ in the Moulin Rouge club, near Rouen.

It was in the 2000s that his career took a new turn. He crossed paths with composer Fabrice Vanvert in 2005 and signed his first contract with Universal Music. In 2007, he met the dancer Toy Nawaach, his sidekick who accompanied him on stage and who would become his best friend. The following year, his career exploded: he takes out the tube Horizontallya daring song like the rest of the repertoire of his first album Phenom’N. In 2011, he released his second album Carpe Diemwith title I’d love tohit of the summer, which he dedicates to his former crush, Valerie Begue (with whom he is now friends). The Keen’V machine is launched.

My life in the sun, Tahiti, Life on the bright side… Keen’V’s greatest hits

Keen’V’s recipe? “Sunshine and Sunny Music”confided the singer to TV Star. His accent is reggae – “It came to me to force to sing reggae”. A good mood that gives him unlimited sympathy capital to the public. His first songs are far from romantic: Keen’V makes sex his trademark. the tube Horizontally makes young revelers dance in nightclubs. With Tahiti, I’d love to or I keep the smilehe puts the sun on the airwaves.

In just once, the star tries to capsize the heart of her beauty with sweet words. In The path of lifeit conveys a message of hope in the face of life’s hardships. “If sometimes I stumble I get up just as quickly”he sings. He evokes the school harassment and suicide in Little Emily, the song “the strongest” from his album Life is Beautiful released in 2012.”It’s a true story, except for the end, he will confide to Melty. It happened to my family friends’ granddaughter and they were the ones who asked me if I could write a song.”

If he explores dark themes, his trademark remains the sun! To interpret with him one of his greatest hits, The bright side of life, he chooses Lorelei Bonnet… who is none other than his sister. If he could have grabbed the microphone with a famous singer, for this duet, he wanted to stay with the family. “Since the start, I’ve preferred to take my sister! (…) I don’t care about the media phenomenon.” His last hit outsummer talks about his absent friends at the most difficult moments of existence and initiates Keen’V’s comeback with a bang, after the bitter failure of his previous album.

The failure of his last therapy tour

The philosophy of his songs, Keen’V applies it in everyday life. In 2020, his ninth album Therapy goes out in the bins, inspired by the death of his grandmother. A written opus “under sadness”, far from its usual register. Keen’V does not find its public. His single Let them talk is a failure on the airwaves and streaming platforms. The producers then take the decision to cancel his national tour.

A period of questioning on which he returns without blushing. “Either we accept the failure, or we make a trick, he confided in Do not touch My TV in July 2022. In France, we are not used to failure but failure is nothing, we can get up. (…) I like to build something positive even on complicated stuff. I said to myself we can only go up behind. There was a challenge.His mantra? See the good side of life !

With his wife, a relationship that has lasted for more than 16 years…

Kévin Bonnet is only 21 years old when he crosses paths with the one who will share his life. This former bartender, eight years her senior, offered her the opportunity to sing in a nightclub. The couple complement each other. Thanks to his wife, Keen’V will overcome depression: “She helped me get back on my feet. Thanks to her, I didn’t sink into drugs”.

Who is this mysterious woman who shares his life? That, Keen’V will not say. His companion wants to stay in the shadows. She has her own little life and she doesn’t want it to change”he assured QG Magazine. The celebrity of the singer? She welcomes him with a smile, even her shortcomings. “She’s really not jealous, even when I receive indecent proposals, it makes her laugh”had entrusted the star of 40 years.

Is Keen’V a father?

The singer has always dreamed of being a father. If his wife had children from a previous union, the artist, he never knew paternity. In a report given to 50′ Inside on TF1, he confided that he wanted a child, but made up his mind. “At first you don’t think it’s fair not to have one, he had declared. You don’t find it fair and then afterwards you make up your mind. You tell yourself that if you shouldn’t have any, it’s because… And then in real life, we think about it. Maybe I’ll adopt. If one day I really feel too lacking, I will adopt.

The suspicions of sterility have arisen: “But I haven’t done any tests, because it will make me sad. I prefer to be in denial.” A denial today behind him. Speaking of his wife, he said: “At the age of 40 she said to me: ‘you have two years to decide. At 46, it’s no longer a subject. Maybe that’s why I talked about it’ . Today, he takes pleasure in nursing his godson, little Maylanh!​​