Steven Spielberg fan? Cinemanía will screen its films during January – El Sol de México

Do you know what the films Jaws (1975), ET, (1982), Jurassic Park (1993) and Saving Private Ryan (1998) have in common?

The answer is simple, they have all been directed by Steven Spielberg and, if you consider yourself a fan of the work of the American director, producer and screenwriter, this is your chance to relive some of the filmmaker’s successes.

As a prelude to the premiere of the film Los Fabelmans, which will arrive in Mexico on January 26, every Friday in January Cinemanía will screen part of Spielberg’s filmography, reviewing from its beginnings to the most critically acclaimed projects.

On January 6, Steven Spielberg’s special cycle will begin with the film The Devil on Wheels (1971), on January 13, Crazy Evasion (1974) will be screened, on the 20th, The Color Purple (1985) and ending on the 27th with the tape The Empire of the Sun (1987).

“El diablo sobre ruedas and Loca evasion are his first two films and hardly anyone knows them, that was the first reason why this selection was made to give a little background to the great career that this filmmaker has; we chose the other two mainly because of the accessibility to get them, but also because of the social issues they address, there is a moment and a quite important point after the seventies, already entering the eighties where Spielberg begins to make other types of films, with another discourse more towards a social issue, where racial or war issues are touched on,” said Mariana Gracida, Cinemanía’s programming director, in an interview.

The projection schedule for these films is from 7:00 p.m., at the facilities located in Plaza Loreto (Altamirano 46, Tizapán San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón). And best of all, tickets and popcorn will be totally free.

According to the director, it is possible that the projection of the 76-year-old director’s tapes will be extended, as long as the distribution rights of the films are obtained.

“This was a small push to see how the year would start and it was the pretext because the premiere of Los Fabelmans is coming (which is one of the favorites for the Oscars this year), it was the main motivator to do this cycle and locate a little Plus Spielberg’s trajectory.

“Those that we can obtain and have accessibility in terms of licenses, we will surely project them; what happens is that many of them have validity and contracts with their distributors and they have the exploitation rights, so not everyone can project them, “Those that can be, we will consider. We wanted to bring Schindler’s List (1993), which was also a super memorable movie for Spielberg, but the license is not allowed, there are several restrictions, so it was not achieved,” Gracida clarified.

“It is likely that we will do this monthly, whether by director, director, photographers, photographers, scriptwriters, we will arm ourselves a little towards particular topics to be able to praise the work of different filmmakers, both national and international,” he concluded.