Stone and Charden: Death Did Not Separate Them: ‘Messages’ From Beyond

Stone stayed in contact with the late Eric Charden. The 74-year-old singer continues to communicate with her ex, who died in 2012 from cancer…

These last yearsStone was able to communicate strangely with her ex, Eric Charden, who died of cancer in 2012. “In my family there is mediums. There are people who see the dead, my mom, my daughter, all that. And then we also had the opportunity to check. Me, I don’t really have the gift for that, but around me“, explained the 74-year-old singer on the show At Jordan’s. But above all, it was in her sleep that Annie Gautrat (her real name) keep some form of contact with his partner Adventure and Made In Normandy.

Stone speaks with Eric Charden… in a dream

I had very beautiful messages from Eric Charden in my dream. Because I have many things in my dreams. And Eric appeared to me twice, great. He was telling me: ‘It’s great where I am, you can’t know“, explained this convinced vegetarian to Jordan Deluxe.

If Stone did a full facelift, it’s not for fear of the passage of time. Dying does not frighten the singer remarried to Mario d’Alba, convinced that her late sidekick (until 1975) is at peace: “That’s why I’m not afraid of death. Because I know that behind, there will be something else. There is another life, we are going to have fun. I am sure of it. It will be something else, but surely it won’t be bad“.