Stone presents his daughter Daisy… who also works in show business! Who is she ?

Like her parents, Daisy D’Alba chose to pursue a career in music. The 36-year-old is following in the footsteps of her mother, singer Stone, and her father, comedian Mario D’Alba. Mother and daughter have made rare confidences to France 3…

When we have parents named Stone and Mario d’Alba, the artistic fiber is in the veins. Daisy D’Alba is inspired by the careers of her father, an actor, and her mother, a singer. In a cross interview with her mother, the singer Stone, granted to the regional channel France 3the 36-year-old tells how she quickly developed her appetite for music and comedy: “I went to two schools. One for musical comedy, and one for theatre, that is 6 years”.

Stone mom: what job does her daughter do?

But at first, his famous mother did not see this vocation with a good eye… “I believe that initially maybe she was a little chilly, said Daisy D’Alba. She wanted to know if I had the ‘sacred fire’ in me. My parents did not encourage us – with my brother (ed. Martin, 38 year) – in an easy way. They explained to us how complicated it was going to be.

When the young woman goes on stage, her parents are there to tell her honestly what points need improvement: “When you have professional parents, and you come off stage, it’s more like reading notes on what was wrong… A very enriching look. And when they believe in it, they are great allies. ” With her father Mario D’Alba, she will soon be behind the microphone: “We recorded an album of folk songs. He wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics“.

Stone, grandmother cake

At 75, Stone no longer releases songs. However, she continues to go on stage to perform her hits Adventure, Made In Normandy or The price of matches at galas or concerts of the 80s. And recently, she tried her hand at acting… with her daughter! “We had played a play together, called ‘family, I love you’, which I had written, and which brought together our whole family, explains Stone. We had done Avignon together and spent two years on stage as part of a tour”, she explained. Tender memories.

More recently, Daisy wrote the play You wanted love at first sight, played this summer at the Festival d’Avignon. This time, Stone wasn’t on stage… but behind the scenes! As the adults will be busy, I will take on the role of grandmother! I come to babysit.” A new role that suits him perfectly! Stone is the mother of three children: Daisy, 36, Martin, 38, born of her love with Mario D’Alba, and Baptiste, 49, Stone’s son with her former husband, Eric Charden.