“Stop bullying”: My Universe 2021 gains weight and the international organization does not tolerate more cruel comments and comes out in its defense | People | Entertainment

The current photos of Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu reveal the remarkable weight gain she gained after being crowned Miss Universe 20221. And social networks are no strangers to the fact that the most beautiful girl on the planet has gained a few kilos, so in each outing the controversy reignites.

Among the comments, they did not miss the comparisons with the former beauty queen Alicia Machado, who also experienced the same event in 1996, when Donald Trump was the owner and president of the organization, subjecting her to public ridicule.

And without hiding her new appearance, the model was photographed upon her arrival in her country of origin, where she had a warm reception from her compatriots, and a very tight dress again generated controversy around the beauty queen’s curves.

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Mis Universe calls for an end to bullying for Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu

Some users of the networks express themselves in favor of the inclusion of the diversity of bodies and defend Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, but others do not handle the same concept, and are very harsh in their comments.

Accustomed to slender bodies and a weight that does not exceed 60 kilograms or less, the candidates or queens chosen in these contests reflect the care of their image with strict diets.

And currently, Miss India’s body shows those extra kilos on her rounded face and bulging cheeks, in addition to the measurements she gained and that are seen in the different outfits, detailed the Herald of Mexico.

The debate is still alive, and Harnaaz continues to pose and share his best photos from his Instagram account, where the change in his appearance is immediately noticeable, compared to when he got the international band.

Upon her arrival in India, she was impressive in a dress with a V-neckline, from which two straps came out to intertwine around the neck. The bodice was decorated with sequins and rhinestones, as well as a wide ankle-length skirt, made in several layers and with a leg opening.

Without a doubt, a striking look to star in her return home, turned into a complete Hindu goddess. And to silence all criticism, the Miss Universe organization spoke out in defense of the queen, leaving a sobering message.

In a video that the contest broadcast with the image of Harnaaz, in which he was seen wearing the yellow outfit, a statement was read.

“The Miss Universe Organization does not tolerate harassment of any kind. We are a community built to defend, encourage and uplift one another. There is no place for hate here. #StopBullying”, it could be read.

In this way, he was blunt in not consenting to the comments that speak of his representative, belittling his beauty for a few extra kilos. (AND)