“Stop touching my buttocks”: Jean-Luc Reichmann reframes his audience in the 12 Coups de midi!

Every lunchtime for several years now, Jean-Luc Reichmann accompanies viewers at the table, with his program The 12 strokes of noon. This makes the host one of the favorite personalities of the French, in the same way as a presenter of the JT. Very close to his audience, he does not hesitate to confide in his personal life. As recently, when he mentioned, not without emotions, his dad, who died in 2016. And this Tuesday, May 10, 2022, as usual, the star offered a new number of his game show. Among the many questions posed to its candidates, one concerned the song Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen. But hearing the music start on set, the 61-year-old had a sudden urge to dance. He therefore joined the public for a frenzied show. Which was quickly shortened following a (small) skid… Spectators, who came to see it that day.

“But stop touching my ass!” »

But while Jean-Luc Reichmann was dancing with his back to the audience, the host felt a few hands… Walkers. Indeed, some clever little ones touched his buttocks, pushing the man to react, amused, of course, but a little taken aback. ” But stop touching my ass“, he then dropped to two women, in their sixties. Before continuing his frenzied dance to the music Bohemian Rhapsody composed by the famous Freddie Mercury. And he took the opportunity to move in the public, to share this joyful moment with the maximum of his spectators. He then leaned, once again, with his back to the public and claimed that another person had fiddled with his buttocks. Not hesitating to face her, to reprimand her in front of the camera.

Instagram account of Jean-Luc Reichmann

don’t touch my ass lady“, he again launched to a lady, particularly embarrassed… And for good reason! On the images, we clearly see that the hands of the latter have not touched the pretty buttocks of Jean-Luc Reichmann. Because, this time, it was a joke! The host wanted to make a touch of humor, provoking the hilarity of his audience, who had a good laugh! The atmosphere never fails on the 12 noon shots set. Moreover, below, we invite you to discover the incredible love story of Marion, midday master. In an excerpt, posted by the star of TF1, on his personal Instagram account. Spoiler, at the time, the candidate “was dating his best friend” !

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/252734-arretez-de-me-toucher-les-fesses-jean-luc-reichmann-recadre-son-public-dans-les-12-coups-de-midi