Stormi stops Kris Jenner from talking about Kim K. and Pete D.

Stormi Webster Jenner He is one of the most beloved babies of the Kardashian clan, thanks to all the moments he has given us during his short four years of life. For example, being the protagonist of the best birthday party we have ever seen or giving us lessons on self-love and patience. So starting the year by going viral again for one of your acts is nothing new, it’s just that this time he has saved his grandmother, Kris Jenner, and his aunt and his new partner, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

It happened on New Year’s Eve, while Kris was live via video call in an interview for a New Year’s special. The presenters asked about quite a few aspects, without forgetting of course the couple that does not stop talking: Kimvidson, Kimte, or whatever you want to name this couple.

Until now, everything was going well. But it was Stormi hearing the word Pete and she ran into the room her grandmother was in to interrupt the conversation! Let’s see, just kidding, we don’t think it was like that either. But the creature did enter at the most opportune moment of the interview, it went to where Kris was and made its way to climb on her knees.

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Of course, Kris took advantage of this unexpected spontaneous. He allowed his granddaughter to be part of the conversation and, knowing that there was little time left in the interview and that he could get away with answering The Question, he joked: ”Good distraction. Perfect timing, Stormi. Just in time”.

We’re sure the little girl got an extra gift this Christmas thanks to Aunt Kim and Uncle Pete because she saved them! The baby that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott still have on the way is going to be very difficult to achieve Stormi’s virality. Or the showers. She is ‘too much’, a worthy successor to her mother.

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