Stranger Things: fans are furious with Netflix after this announcement on the new episodes of season 4

After three years of absence, the series Stranger Things made a triumphant return to Netflix on May 27. The first part of the fourth season has officially been released on the streaming platform and the first audience figures are up to the expectation of fans. With more than 640 million hours of viewing across the planet in just ten days, the creation of the Duffer brothers did better than the second season of The Bridgerton Chronicle and is expected to become one of the most-watched series in Netflix history. The phenomenon has not diminished over the years.

On July 1st, it’s the second part of the fourth season of Stranger Things which will be revealed to fans. The American streaming service has made an important announcement regarding the two new episodes that will be released online. “Chapter Eight”, titled “Dad”, will last 1h25 while “Chapter Nine”, which will conclude this fourth season, will last nearly 2h19. Unusual durations for episodes of a Netflix series and which did not fail to make fans react Stranger Things.

Many netizens have complained on Twitter that the episodes are too long. According to them, it would have been preferable if they were divided into four or even six 40-minute episodes to facilitate viewing and avoid interrupting it for lack of time. Some went so far as to announce that they would not continue the series, exhausted by the duration of the episodes (which all exceeded 60 minutes for this new season). It’s a safe bet that they change their minds at the last moment as what will take place in these episodes will be decisive in understanding the issues of the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

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