‘Stranger Things’ presents its fourth season, the “biggest, darkest and most mature”

Next Friday May 27 ‘Stranger Things’ returns to Netflix with the premiere of the first part of its fourth season. Some new chapters that, according to two of its protagonists, Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, will offer the millions of followers of one of the star titles of the streaming platform an adventure “more mature, darker and scarier”.

“This is the darkest season, the scariest. From the first script reading we saw that it was really intense“, have advanced Dyer and Heaton, who resume their roles as Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers, during a press conference held this Thursday in Madrid in which they assure that, like fans of the series, which started in 2016Stranger Things itself has also matured, evolving both in the plots put together by its creators, the Duffer brothers, and in its characters.

“The fourth is the biggest season. We have all grown, we have grown, the fans have grown… and the story too. If the other seasons were similar to movies like ‘The Goonies’, this one is more like ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street'”, says Heaton, who highlights that this same evolution, of a saga that grows and matures as its actors do and its fans, it is a process similar to what was experienced years ago with the ‘Harry Potter’ movies.

A more mature and larger-scale season that also has “many plots that take place at the same time” and in which “for the first time the characters leave Hawkins“, the town that hosts the supernatural adventures of the group of young protagonists during the first three installments.

“We are getting to the why of everything, and that makes it much more interesting,” says Heaton, who applauds how this evolution has been carried out while keeping “the spirit and essence” of the series intact. “The Duffer brothers are fantastic writers who manage to get to some incredible places. We love the story and we love the characters,” adds Dyer, who highlights that ‘Stranger Things’ is a series with “strong and well-defined” female characters.

A shoot marked by the pandemic

Both interpreters also remember the complications of filming, which had to stop due to the pandemic, which has led to a season that has taken longer to arrive, but which also does so with more and longer chapters that prepare the ground for the already confirmed fifth and last season. “It’s the beginning of the end. I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel when we shoot next season and I know this is all over. It’s been a huge challenge, but very rewarding,” says Heaton.

“It’s hard to talk about filming this season without mentioning the pandemic. We started filming, we had to stop and then we came back with a lot of protocols that delayed everything”, recalled the actress who highlighted the great opportunity that sharing scenes with a horror film myth like Robert Englund, the protagonist of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, meant for her.

“He was amazing to work with, he has a lovely energy, he puts a lot of heart and wisdom into everything he does. Without doing too many spoilers, he has a monologue at one point, a scene where the narration stops (… ) was like a ‘masterclass,'” Dyer recalls enthusiastically. “This season pays homage to all those horror movie classics and having one of the leads from these classics was very special,” she says.

“It’s been six months since the battle at the Starcourt Mall, which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins. Battling in the aftermath, our group of friends is separated for the first time and has to deal with the complexities of high school, which doesn’t bother them. things are not easy. In this moment, the most vulnerable of all, a new and terrifying supernatural threat arises, representing a new and horrible mystery that, if they can solve, could end the horrors of the Upside Down, “says the official synopsis of the new episodes.

The first part of season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ will arrive on Netflix on May 27 while the second part will be released on the streaming service on July 1.