Strawberry Fair 2022: Alfredo Olivas breaks attendance record in Irapuato

Irapuato.- To the rhythm of the banda and northern music, the singer Alfredo Olivas broke attendance record and successfully performed before nearly 30,000 people at the Strawberry Fair 2022.

At 10 o’clock at night, the Sonoran interpreter Alfredo Olivas made his long-awaited presentation at the Teatro del Pueblo, which was packed with fans of all ages.

The People’s Theater looked packed. Photo: Tadeo Urrutia

Thousands of attendees enjoyed the composer live and direct, who at all times was happy to return to strawberry land.

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Hits such as “The patient”, “In short”, “The problem”, “The day of the dead”, “The bad guy from Culiacán”, were among the songs most chanted by the audience, who visibly saw the emotion of being able to be in front of the singer also known as “Alfredito” or “El Patroncito”.

On stage, the musician was accompanied at all times by his band, who came out dressed in a black suit and shoes of the same color.

Alfredo Olivas made his fans dance and sing in Irapuato. Photo: Tadeo Urrutia

At all times, on the esplanade of the Strawberry Fair, there was a reinforcement in the protection of the premises by municipal Public Security and private security, since the presentation of Alfredo Olivas was one of the most anticipated in this edition of the fair.

Authorities reported that up to 10 p.m. about 30,000 people were counted inside the esplanade of the People’s Theater.

Minutes before midnight, the singer left the stage to go to the hotel where he will spend the night in strawberry land.

Alfredo Olivas’ performance was one of the most anticipated at the Strawberry Fair. Photo: Tadeo Urrutia

Alfredo Olivas has recently received a good response from his fans, since the place where he performs has been “sold out”. Proof of this was his two consecutive performances this month at the Nayarit National Fair and this time his resounding success in Irapuato. .

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