Strike against pension reform: what risk activists who cut electricity

Targeted power cuts to denounce the pension reform ? very mobilized, the CGT Energie struck strong Thursday for the first day of action against the pension reform. But what exactly do these activists who voluntarily cut the power risk? This is what we are going to see right away. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Power outages in some cities

Several days after the presentation of the pension reform project, the trade unions wanted to strike a blow. Thus, this Thursday, January 19, no less than 1.12 million people demonstrated in France. A level close to the maximum reached on October 12, 2010 (1.23 million) during the Woerth reform. In addition to the demonstration, the CGT Energie decided to cut the current in certain cities. We think in particular of Massy and Chaumont.

These actions have already been used in the past by the union, during major mobilizations. In December 2019, the CGT had thus claimed voluntary power cuts in several cities in France. But are these activists at risk? Well, the answer is yes. Indeed, legal proceedings can be initiated. Moreover, Enedis and RTE have explained that they systematically file a complaint against X in these cases.

Pensions: up to 10 years in prison for activists

These proceedings are based on article R323-37 of the Energy Code. This provides for and punishes in particular intrusion into electrical works and unauthorized maneuvers on the electrical network. And the fine sanctioning the offense is a fifth-class misdemeanor. That is to say, which can go up to 1,500 euros, or 3,000 euros in the event of a recurrence. In addition, the prosecutor may add other qualifications. We think in particular of the violation of domicile or the endangerment of others.

And if so, that’s another story. Indeed, if such an act is demonstrated, it can go up to ten years in prison. No, no, it is not a joke. Not sure, however, that the CGT Energy, has something to do with this threat. The union is simply calling for the pure and simple withdrawal of the government’s project. And expects to retaliate if not. And not just with power cuts. To be continued…