Stromae: A rare photo of the singer with his son unveiled!

Protecting her son from the vagaries of fame is one of Stromae’s priorities. The singer has indeed rarely shared photos of the latter on social networks. He also talks very little about his private life insofar as music brings him much closer to his community. However, this does not prevent him from living a completely happy family life alongside his darling and his son. This complicit moment shared by Coralie Barbier bears witness to this.

Stromae attached to his little family

Stromae had as a reminder marked a very long break in his career. The singer who had preferred to prioritize what was much more essential in his eyes. Being the father of a three-year-old boy, he is therefore starting the summer off well by going to the beach with him. Hand in hand, father and son are slowly approaching the ocean. What provoke a lot of reactions in the ranks of the fans of the interpreter of Papaoutai.

2012 is a particularly special year for Stromae who had met his wife during an evening with friends. Since then, the two lovebirds had never left each other. The perfect chemistry that exists between them had also been confirmed by the singer during a previous interview. His ability to be a good dad stemming mainly from his relationship with Coralie Barbier who is also a good wife.