“Stromberg” star Christina Drechsler died at the age of 41

Mourning for the German theater and television actress Christina Drechsler. The artist, born in Berlin in 1982, who, as a teenager, RTLII-Soap opera “All together, everyone for themselves” played the terminally ill Eva Sanders and also worked on the stage, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 41. your fellow actor Sabine Tambera confirmed the unexpected death news on Instagram. The cause of death is not yet known.

Sabin Tambera says goodbye to Christina Drechsler

Tambera says goodbye to the “Stromberg” actress with emotional words and shared photos showing Drechsler on stage.

“Oh Christina. You have enchanted so many, with your gentle soul. With your uncompromisingly abysmal game. Your self-abandonment for the unattainable, which we all strive for as long as our wings have not yet been clipped by reality,” wrote the actor. “You kept your wings to the end, may they carry you on your journey as gently as you made our admiration soar through countless, unforgettable moments of theatre. Bon voyage.”