Strong criticism! Now the spectators are up in arms

As a dog professional, Martin Rütter, 51, inspires the numerous RTL viewers in front of the TV – but now the fans have expressed harsh criticism.

  • Martin Rütter accompanies future dog owners in his TV show “Martin Rütter – the puppies are coming”.
  • With his humorous nature, the TV star always inspires numerous viewers
  • However, there has now been heavy criticism online for the new episodes

Martin Rütter: New episodes of his TV show

Martin Rütter has been inspiring Germany’s dog fans for a number of years domestic TV screenswhen with his funny, direct and honest way he tries to get between people and their beloved four-legged friends convey. The tips and tricks of the dog professional are very well received by the viewers – no wonder that the 51-year-old has now become a real crowd favourite advanced.

However, it was now hailing on the net unexpectedly fierce criticism. The reason: His TV show “Martin Rütter – the puppies are coming”, in which he accompanies, among other things, the 52-year-old country doctor Wolfgang from Brüggen and his 22-year-old girlfriend Samira, as they do a second puppies adopt – the two already have a dog: Rottweiler Sky.

“Martin Rütter – the puppies are coming”: “The poor animals”

In the TV show, the TV couple is now also in the pickup accompanied by her Bernhadiner puppy Ulysses and the scenes shown caused a stir on the internet heavy criticism by the numerous spectators. In the comments, they were of the opinion that dog Sky after the arrival of his new sibling no attention get more The internet says about the behavior of Wolfgang and Samira:

I feel particularly sorry for Sky about the story, because the owners somehow have no eye for how he is doing

I felt the same way. I hope that Sky won’t just be left behind.

The country doctor was the horror, needs his dogs, his house, his girlfriend more for his ego. The poor animals, especially poor Sky.

Oh god, poor Sky! Such a chilled dog, why do you have to put a little puppy on that?

It is to be hoped that Martin Rütter for the couple good tips has ready – and such a catastrophe is prevented.

Source used: Instagram