Strong rumors of romance between Geraldine Bazán and Alejandro Nones

Geraldine Bazán and Alejandro Nones are the protagonists of strong romance rumors after a well-known astrologer assured that the actors will soon be more than just colleagues.

Farath Coronel is the expert who stated that Gabriel Soto’s ex and his partner in “Corona de Lágrimas 2” will begin a love relationship, but that this will not be easy, since it will have “ups and downs”. According to him, both should “guard down” given that “ego and pride” they have will not help.

On the other hand, the Mexican revealed that the artists “They understand each other perfectly in bed” thus insinuating that between them there was already intimacy, although the truth is that none spoke publicly about a possible romance.

After his divorce from Soto (with whom he had two daughters) Bazán has not shown himself with a new partner until he met Luis Murillo, a businessman with whom he posed several times for social networks and the media. However, according to these predictions, they would no longer be together.

Alejandro Nones is of Venezuelan origin but has lived in Mexico for several years, where he participated in productions such as “Pasión y Poder”, “Cuna de Lobos” and “Teresa”. In addition, his leading role in the successful Netflix series: Who Killed Sara?