Strong tensions between Clémentine Autain and Jordan Bardella: “sorry, but it’s not your turn”

The results of the legislative elections have fallen, Nupes is neck and neck with the presidential majority. On the set of France 2, Clémentine Autain and Jordan Bardella were invited to react this Sunday, June 12.

The tension is palpable on the set of France 2. Faced with Anne-Claire Coudray and Gilles Bouleau, several political figures were invited to react to the results of the first rounds of the legislative elections, this Sunday, June 12. Not surprisingly, the tone quickly rose between them. Clémentine Autain, candidate for her succession in the 11th constituency in Seine-Saint-Denis defended herself, supporting the program of the New Ecological People’s Union.

Convinced, the candidate declares: “If we govern in a few days, we govern together on a program that is already written.” Before adding: “And there, I hear completely astounding things.” A statement that did not necessarily please his opponent, Jordan Bardella. He reacted: “Oh yes yes…” Annoyed by his behavior, Clémentine Autain swings at him: “Sorry, but it’s not your turn.” That’s said! However, Jordan Bardella did not let it go provoking yet another heated debate.

Clémentine Autain happy with the results

A few minutes after the results, Clémentine Autain reacted hotly: “It is first of all an immense joy. I have the feeling that the table has been overturned. A few months ago, the left was supposed to be dead. We were afraid of having the far right in power and we thwarted all the predictions and we came first in this first round. After the euphoria, comes the time to remember that “the second round is absolutely fundamental” and challenge the presidential majority. “The message I solemnly want to send tonight is that now victory is possible”, she argued. She then spoke directly to Minister Gabriel Attal, present on the set to represent the presidential majority, throwing him about the historic abstention, which she deplored: “Your life insurance in the first round was the presence of the extreme right. And there, your life insurance is abstention. »

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