STRONG VIDEO: They capture the brutal agony of a famous announcer before he dies; he drowned in front of his friend

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Eagle Pass, Texas.- They capture on video agonizing death of a famous announcerwho left Nicaragua long ago with a view to achieving American dreamHowever, this cost him his life.

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Calixto Nelson Rojas53, intended to cross the Rio Grande between Black Stones, Coahuila and Eagle Pass, Texas to reach USANevertheless, drowned in front of other people who were in the place and the friend with whom he traveled.

According to local media, Rojas was on his way to the neighboring country with a man identified as Elvis Castro 38 years old. Although both were warned that the river was very deep and dangerousThey decided to take the risk, not knowing that one of their lives would end.

Calixto Nelson Rojas

Chain foxnews caught on video the terrible moment of his last moments aliveafter his cameras captured him in the dying moment as he struggles to get afloat, but fails and drowns with his friend clinging to a pillar a few meters away.

Help him, he’s drowning! (..) Help us, please help us! Don’t give up!”, Elvis can be heard shouting, however, shortly after Calixto no longer came out of the water.

United States border authorities and of Mexico They argued that they could not help him since they received the order to offer no ransom to any migrant after a member of the US National Guard I died trying to save two.

Warning: Strong Images

According to reports, Calixto was born in Nicaragua but had long lived in Belize Where was it announcer at East Radio. In his country of origin, the communicator was also the announcer of several programs and animated radio events.

The announcer left Nicaragua, where he had two children: a 21-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman, to settle in Belize, where he would live for the last four years of his life.

According to his boss on that radio, Calixto told him that he would travel to Nicaragua to visit his family, only on vacation, however, days later he learned of his death, since he did not tell him of his plans.

He was excited to see his family. I told him to have a good trip and that I would wait for him here, but the next news I had from him was about his death. We didn’t know he was going to go to America, we’re going to miss him,” he said.

Some portals report that Calixto had planned for a long time to go to the United States because it had always been his dream, in addition to the fact that he would have left Nicaragua for alleged threats of death that had to do with their participation in protests against the Government.

According to some media, the announcer’s body was rescued by a Mexican citizen and transferred to the morgue. His friend Elvis would have been picked up in a boat and transported back to Mexico.

Source: El Gráfico, Nicaragua Investigates and Twitter @BryanLlenas