sublime, Internet users totally crack

Elodie Gossuin made a nice surprise to her followers on her account instagram. Indeed, she posted a nice photo of her and her big daughter, Rose. Usually, the former beauty queen prefers to preserve her privacy and her large family. But this time, she decided to make an exception to the rule. We share with you the photo that Internet users loved! Indeed, a beautiful mother-daughter bond that emerges from the picture.

Elodie Gossuin: a life full of surprises!

As you know, Elodie Gossuin is an accomplished woman. She was Miss France in 2001, more than 20 years ago. After her election, she made her little professional journey. Indeed, she became a columnist as well as a radio and television host. On top of that, she has also dabbled in fashion design and is even involved in politics. So, you will have understood, Elodie Gossuin has a busy schedule on the work side.

On the side of her personal life, it is not better and she is not more peaceful. Indeed, the pretty blonde is the mother of 4 children with her companion, Bertrand Lacherie. She titled the twins card twice in a row! A very rare and unusual thing that proves how authentic it is. One thing is certain, today she is 41 years old and everything to be happy. Between his mission at the microphone of the morning of RFM and her family life, she is never bored. A life at 100 per hour that she wouldn’t replace for anything in the world.

She’s holding on, but she’s getting more and more tired

Even if Elodie Gossuin is always motivated as ever to assume all her responsibilities, she also has moments of fatigue. “The alarm clock stings even more than before. It is age. I believe, in all objectivity, that it’s a rhythm that you never get used to. There are mornings when I wake up and I’m not well, I often break down, under the weight of fatigue and rhythm.she had revealed to the journalists of TV 7 daysin April 2021.

Elodie Gossuin very close to her daughter Rose

It’s always very tiring to have children. So, when you have twins twice, it’s a tsunami that passes through your life. Luckily, the children are growing up! Her first twins, who are called Jules and Rose, are already 15 years old! Thus, her eldest daughter is no longer a child, but a teenager and she looks a lot like her mother. At the moment we have very pleasant sunny weather. Winter is ending to the delight of everyone and also of Elodie Gossuin. So, to celebrate the beautiful days that are coming, she decided to share a snapshot with her daughter and a very cute message to accompany her: “ Spring Sweetness. A Spring Flower is the ray of sunshine that brightens up life. We wish you all the sweetness in the world“, she writes. Elodie Gossuin also added the hashtags “ My rose“, “ My Sunshine ” or ” pure love“.

The mother and daughter are nose to nose in the photo. Elodie Gossuin and her daughter Rose take advantage of the first rays of the sun. This beautiful affection is a pleasure to see. In addition, they are dressed in the same way and display a magnificent curly hair. Is this an ad for shampoo? These joyful and positive images were good for Internet users who did not hesitate to write a short message in turn. ” A very pretty Rose that you have“, “ Wonderful“, “ Very nice picture of you two“, “ What a beautiful mother-daughter bond! You are radiant ” or ” Nothing is more beautiful“, can we read below the photo. Check out the post in question below.