submerged! What is winner Simone Kowalski doing today?

  • Simone Kowalski emerged as the winner of the 14th season of GNTM

  • After that, however, it became quiet about the pretty blonde – Simone withdrew from the public

  • Simone trained as a yoga teacher in Bali last year

GNTM: Time out for Simone Kowalski

In the popular casting show “Germany’s next top model”, Simone Kowalski secured the 2019 victory – Heidi Klum explained the model with the pretty blonde curls winner the 14th season, which is special for any crowd drama and escalations was known about the winner.

Although the blonde could during the ongoing filming securing one job after another and landing many commissions, however, she was an outsider at the girls mansion and was known for being completely isolated her own thing to pull through.

Although the starting signal for a successful modeling career was given by winning the casting show for Simone, the 24-year-old decided to withdraw from the media for the time being. She revealed the reason for her break to “”:

At some point the body needs to rest.

Simone Kowalski: Mega comeback

However, Simone came back with a loud bang – the pretty blonde dropped her covers for a “Playboy” shoot and made her model comeback clear. In public one heard nevertheless rarely from Simone and 2020 she then worried her followers.

With cryptic posts and a worrying video, Simone Kowalski hintedthat her “legal problems” still not resolved and already “Thousands of Girls” in their situation had been.Additionally added she: “Since my victory I’ve been trying to break free from mental slavery.” However, what exactly Simone wanted to say with that, she kept to herself.

Simone Kowalski: That’s how she is today

But now it seems to Simone better to go – during a break in Bali, the 24-year-old allowed herself to teacher train for power yoga. And the model career also seems to be the GNTM winner not quite yet given up to have. Simone immediately linked her profile via Instagram two model agencieswhich they appear to be under contract seems to be.

Also a look at her profile, on which she keeps showing photos of professional shootings shared seems to indicate that Simone continues to enjoy being in front of the camera – how nice!

Source used: Instagram, style book