Successful women share their stories

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
They are women who make a difference, in a business world they hThey have demonstrated feminine power and with their stories and endeavors they have managed to transcend.

Is about Pamela Ayuso, Ileana Aguilera and Mireya Nasser who shared their experiences in the “Transformation” discussion. The appointment was at the Multiplaza Mall in Tegucigalpa and where the public came to listen to the stories that these women have captured in their books.

The papers presented were “Heptagrama”, “Overcoming your weight” and “Dare.” Throughout the event, the authors discussed the challenges of writing a book and how each of the different roles that women assume today can contribute. They also highlighted that they are purely Honduran stories.

“We want to share with our readers our success stories and experiences to transform lives and help them achieve everything they have dreamed of,” said Pamela Ayuso.

During the conversation, Mireya Nasser explained that her book “Atrévete” is focused on people who feel a little lost, stagnant, and frustrated, the book is an invitation to discover themselves in all aspects of their life to live with purpose, love and joy.

For her part, Ileana Aguilera addresses the world of health and nutrition with “Overcoming your weight.” A practical guide that guides anyone who wants to heal their weight, emotions and diseases supported by spirituality. “I had a longing in my heart to be able to translate my medical experience into a book of how we can heal ourselves integrally,” says Aguilera.

While Pamela Ayuso addresses the business world in “Heptagrama”. The book, in the words of the author, is a read for executives and entrepreneurs in which she proposes a method in which you can save time and money to build a lasting company and have peace of mind. “Your company will consistently operate with excellence and will continue to evolve thanks to this method,” says the author.

At the end of the conversation we proceeded to the book signings where those present were able to share with the authors and talk more about the works.