Such a big sun: a homeless man steals a van with all the equipment for the filming

This Wednesday, January 18, while the film crew ofsuch a big sun was in the middle of filming, a homeless man stole a van full of equipment. He and another individual were arrested a little later, with the vehicle and its contents. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

SDF: 100,000 euros of equipment

It is an unusual story that we will tell you. Indeed, near the Place de la Comédie, in Montpellier, there was an unusual theft. A van of equipment, parked on a filming location for the series Un si grand soleil, was stolen by a homeless man. While a technician had left his jacket near a building, the thief took it. Inside, he found the keys to the vehicle, a Peugeot Boxer which contained 100,000 euros worth of equipment.

Luckily, the city’s CCTV system was on. Thus, it quickly made it possible to trace the circuit of the truck. A route that led the police to the Cité Gély. Directly, the brigade crime prevention, has decided to act. Inside the van, the police found the respondent, a 42-year-old Croat. But also, another individual. Moreover, this one, was arrested in possession of a carboy of cocaine.

Two men arrested by the anti-crime squad

As we told you earlier, two men were arrested. The first explained that he was looking for a trash can when he found the jacket where the keys to the van were. He then decided to operate the key to find the vehicle. Realizing that there was a fortune inside, he decided to leave. While in police custody, he rebelled against the police, not accepting being caught. Following the police custody, the thief was referred for aggravated theft. For his part, the holder of the cocaine canister is the subject of a criminal order for concealment of narcotics. There you go, you know everything about it.