Such a great sun: what awaits you in the episode of this Friday, January 27, 2023

Robin was rushed to hospital after being hit by a car. Léonor and Enric turn around. Elisabeth Bastide discovers the identity of her new employee and immediately takes drastic action.

Thais (Lila Guiraud) rejoices in Louis’s happiness and Kira (Ramos-Pinto Hill) but does not however aspire to live like them a beautiful love story. She wants thatbetween Robin (Lucas Ivoula) and her, things remain light and superficial, much to the chagrin of the young man. But when the latter is run over by a vehicle, the young girl – between guilt and worry – wonders about her true feelings. Léonor, for her part, proves to be a dedicated and competent employee within L cosmetics. Laurent the accountant, responsible for hiring him, is convinced he can convince Elisabeth Bastide who does not like the young woman to transform her fixed-term contract into a permanent contract. An option that delights Enric. Separated from Mo (Fred Kamatari)without hope of reconciliation, he does not hide being very sensitive to the charm of the pretty blonde…

Elisabeth discovers Leonor’s secret

Léonor receives congratulations from Elisabeth Bastide for her work and her colleagues hope that a contract will be offered to her. Enric takes advantage of this good news to invite him for a drink. Claire Estrela (Mélanie Maudran) sees Léonor leave the premises of L Cosmetics while she is with Elisabeth. She reveals to him that Léonor is the ex-girlfriend of Jacques Mourre. It was therefore she who made the life of Myriam (Pauline Paolini) the late director of the company – and protected by Elisabeth – a hell. Elisabeth’s arm does not shake, she immediately puts an end to the hopes of hiring Louis’ mother, without giving her a chance to explain herself.

Robin is taken care of at the hospital, he is operated on and suffers from several fractures. Thaïs does not leave his bedside and meetsEvanGuillaume Delorme and Chloé (Randiane Naly) her parents. If the first hours of the boy in the hospital seem very encouraging, an unforeseen event could well change everything…