Sudden announcement of the TV show – but the fans are angry

ARCHIVE - October 21, 2022, Saxony, Leipzig: The German pop singer Helene Fischer is on stage in the television show

Also in 2022 the fans have to do without a new edition of the “Helene Fischer Show”.Image: dpa / Hendrik Schmidt


Jennifer Ullrich

Although Helene Fischer celebrated her big stage comeback this year and a big tour has been announced for 2023 – the traditional “Helene Fischer Show” on Christmas Day is completely canceled on ZDF for the second time in a row, after 2020 due to Corona, only a compilation of the best moments could be seen.

However, to reconcile her fans a little, the singer made a special announcement on social media “With heartfelt thanks to ZDF”. But what is actually behind it causes disillusionment for many.

Helene Fischer at Christmas on Youtube

No, ZDF did not change its program plan again at short notice for Helene Fischer. Rather, the 38-year-old refers her community to her official YouTube channel. The announcement on Instagram reads:

“On December 25th at 8 p.m. we look back – with heartfelt thanks to ZDF – at the musical highlights of the ‘Helene Fischer Show’. Check out Helene Fischer’s YouTube channel and have fun in the chat of the unique YouTube stream ‘My finest moments’.”

This is certainly well intentioned by the “Breathless” interpreter, but the fans on YouTube can’t expect new material or just newly compiled highlights from the last few years.

Helene Fischer fans frustrated

Accordingly, frustration is spreading on YouTube and Instagram in advance. A disappointed follower would have preferred to see new scenes and writes:

“I would enjoy a new show more – I don’t need the repetition of the repetition.”

Elsewhere, an annoyed person says: “It’s a repeat again”. And this user even rants: “Gone are the days when I looked at the cheese that was cut together. The very first show was the best. After that it went downhill.”

Finally, one can read on YouTube: “But that’s the material from the DVD. It’s a shame, I would have expected more excerpts. Because I have the DVD myself.”

In addition, there is another detail that causes disappointment. Most recently, Helene Fischer had posted numerous impressions of her tour preparations in Montreal, which was well received by her community. The current YouTube announcement, however, does not come from the singer personally, rather the post is marked “Team Helene”.

With a view to this, a user says: “Not again ‘Team Helene’, I liked the posts from Montreal better.” Apparently, the singer retired a bit for Christmas and prefers to enjoy the holidays with her family.

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