“Suddenly they give you lows”

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- A little over four months have passed since the death of Vicente Fernandez, one of the most influential singers of ranchera music. However, his fans and relatives continue to mourn his departure.

Recently, Alexander Fernandezeldest son of the singer, referred to the subject – which he described as “A roller coaster of feelings” – for the first time during an interview for ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

“Suddenly you feel that you’re fine, suddenly you feel that you’ve overcome it, suddenly you get some impressive lows where you miss it,” explained ‘El Potrillo’.

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Regarding the duel of the Fernández dynasty, he said that they are “between cottons”, since they take care of each other, especially their mother and widow Doña ‘Cuquita’.

“We have spent a lot of time with her, we have her super spoiled, super chiqueada, making this drink less bitter,” he explained.

‘Chente’ died on December 12 after being hospitalized for a fall on his ‘Los Tres Potrillos’ ranch, which caused Guillain Barré syndrome.

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