Sun-kissed Marjorie de Sousa looks more than a tan

With a lethal dose of beauty, the Venezuelan Marjorie de Sousa appeared on Instagram with a photograph where she looks more than beautiful while taking a day of relaxation by the sea. With that cheerful, optimistic and sincere personality, the actress was interacting with her fans to share little tastes of her vacation.

Lying on the boards of a dock in the scorching rays of the sun, she let her skin be kissed by the heat to a pleasant golden color, which was the perfect complement to the spattering of freckles on her torso.

The best ways to connect with oneself is when we are at peace, this is a truth that the famous knows very well.

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The outfit chosen for this solitary escapade was a two-piece beach suit, made with a fabric printed with leaves and yellow flowers. Between some ruffles and small bows, the curves of Marjorie deSousa they highlighted.

At 42 years of age, the artist enjoys a figure that few can preserve so well, since it does not seem that the years run through her physique. This is no mere coincidence, because she strives to stay not only beautiful but also healthy, in order to offer the world the best version of herself.

Sun-kissed Marjorie de Sousa looks more than just a tan. Source: Instagram

You can SEE HERE the photo of Marjorie.

After going through some very dark times for many years after separating from her ex-partner, Julian Gil, with whom she shares a 5-year-old son, the Venezuelan has been able to find love and happiness again. For this reason, Marjorie deSousa He always shares his most pleasant moments with his fans.

I’m really liking 2022 !!!”, he said.

The postcard also showed the mountainous landscape and the sea waters, creating a fabulous combination. Surrounding yourself with good people, connecting with yourself and living regularly with nature are largely the elements that bring happiness to your life this year.

His community on the internet did not take long to react to the publication in his feed, showing his liking through reactions and comments thanking him for giving them access to their privacy. In the comment box, emojis with hearts and the occasional rather mischievous compliment predominated.

“Divine my love”, “This girl goes from whiteness to golden tan and maintains her impressive beauty”, “Woooow sensational mermaid, my beauty”, “The most beautiful woman in the universe”, “WOW simply incredible what a beauty of a woman in the full extent of the word”, “What a beautiful body and those beautiful freckles”, were some of the messages for Marjorie deSousa.

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