Supporters encourage paparazzi to unmask Piqué

The paparazzi Jordi Martin revealed exclusively for ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ that Gerard Piqué tried to reconcile with Shakira but it did not work out and they finally separated, but he also announced that Clara Chía’s boyfriend went to France while there is work at his company a crisis.

He commented that Gerard did not face a massive layoff at his Kosmos company, a fact that caused annoyance among the employees. He said so at the end of this video:

But on social networks he went further in confronting the soccer player, who wrote a message on Twitter that said: “Hairs on end.” Jordi Martin replied: “Normally, you have to fire 50 of your workers today because of your bad management.”

The photographer’s followers were unleashed and encouraged him to continue telling Piqué his truths: “Jordi, can you ask your contact if he clearly ate strawberry jam or blueberry jam? Curious international press.”

“Give that rat! Pigque never ceases to amaze. Finished, without a career, and in 5 years we will see it bankrupt”, wrote someone else, like other similar messages that we present here:

Some media have described the paparazzi as Piqué’s nightmare.

Just a few days ago, Jordi Martin was blunt with a message about the footballer and ‘clearly’ it would have bothered him. On his Instagram account he posted:

“A lot of people support you Gerard Piqué, but I keep thinking what I predicted 12 years ago. That this relationship was too big for you, that you had an inferiority complex with Shakira. You felt tiny next to her. You needed a 23-year-old girl to laugh at you. You’re an immature.

“Shakira didn’t need anyone to pay for her cosmetic touch-ups. I think that a few days ago you paid for Clara’s lips, right? You had to hire Clara in your company by hand and give her a position that not even her #Kosmosoffidical colleagues themselves understand.

You had to turn to Shakira to grow as an entrepreneur since you got @rakutentv_es for being Shakira’s friend of the CEO and now your contract is terminated for not paying the tennis players and for the low expectations generated in the Davis Cup. You have been, are and will always be mediocre.”

He also showed what happens with Piqué’s company:

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