Surgery, exercise and good nutrition; Jenni Rivera’s youngest daughter is another

Surgery, exercise and good nutrition; Jenni Rivera’s youngest daughter is another. the model of plus size Jenicka López has been sharing via Instagram the changes she is experiencing, since in the last two years she has focused on working on herself to improve her health and physical appearance.

The 24-year-old never showed shame or shame about showing off a figure plus size. But made the decision to change his lifestyle to feel better in every way. This has implied that she is constant, disciplined and very loving with herself because it has been a total transformation in which there are moments of break.

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Although exercise and eating well have helped her lose weight considerably, Jenicka López decided to say yes to operations; specifically four procedures, according to the Bien Bonita portal: tummy tuckwhich helps remove excess skin from the stomach, fat transferwhich is to fill the buttocks with fat from other parts of the body, breast lift Y removed fat and loose skin on the back.

He shared his decision with his 1.1 million followers of Instagram, where he uploaded a video to the rhythm of the song “I had surgery, I took off a little here, I took off a little here” to show the before and after. And in the caption she wrote: “I can’t believe I did it! Check out the YouTube video for the full experience and any questions let me know below!”

Through the video on his channel Youtubewhere she has just over 198 thousand followers, Jenicka López explained that previously went to a doctor to be evaluated and they defined what they were going to do; he even prescribed some medications prior to the surgeries that were performed in the middle of last April, that is, after Easter.

“I have exercised so much to lose as much weight as possible to get to this moment,” said the model, who shared that these procedures would help her remove the excess skin she had, which would make her feel better to wear clothes that you have wanted to wear, but have not dared.

“I have worked out so much to lose as much weight as possible to get to this moment”

“I think, more than anything, I’m excited about my tummy tuck and the fat that (the doctor) removes”, since “he’s going to put it here (buttocks), so this area will look more defined. I just want to be able to wear more outfits that fit me. I can’t right now because I have this big, big, big belly.”

Jenicka López shared that the doctor told her that the tissue that removed weighed 17 pounds, that is, almost 8 kilos. And the same way he assured that he is very happy to have made her decision, in addition to the fact that for her it was about letting go of what he no longer needed in her life, like her belly.

Their followers left them various comments that read “you were already very ‘good’, as they say in Panama, but now you are going to be very good”, “I love your honesty and bravery”, “you look amazing” and “I am so inspired and proud of you. You deserve the world my sister, you have worked so hard.”

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