Suri Cruise imitates look of Katie Holmes in her adolescence with jeans and tennis and they look identical

Suri Cruise, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has grown into a stylish teenager like his mother’s.

The young woman from 16 years has shown that he has a great taste for fashion, learned from her famous mother, who is quite an icon of fashion.

Since jeans, even skirts and sweatpants These are some of the clothes that the daughter of the famous ex-partner wears at her age, setting trends and looking beautiful.

But also from time to time copies some looks that her mother wore in her teens, showing that they look identical, as happened recently.

Suri Cruise imitates look of Katie Holmes in her adolescence with jeans and tennis

Recently Suri Cruise was caught walking with her friends through the streets of New York, with a simple and chic look.

The young woman wore a very similar outfit that Katie wore in her adolescence with some button-up jeans to the hips, and paired it with a strapless red-tone sweater.

This outfit was complemented with some light blue and white sneakers, and her hair was loose and natural, looking identical to her mom.

“Wow this girl is beautiful, for a moment I remembered Katie”, “there are no doubts that they are mother and daughter”, “Suri is beautiful and perfect”, “she looks just like Katie in her adolescence, I love her and I love her style “,” she is identical to her mother, and with as much style as her “, were some of the reactions in networks.

There is no doubt that Suri has learned a lot about fashion from her mother, as it is not the first look that she copies.

She has also worn looks with shorts, very simple but full of style and glamour, proving that their outfits are the best and imposing trends at their young age.