Suri Cruise unrecognizable: the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has grown well!

In November 2006, the American star Katie Holmes married the famous actor Tom Cruise, 16 years her senior. The wedding takes place in Bracciano, Italy. From this widely publicized union, the couple welcomes a little girl, Suri, born on April 18, 2006. A child who, from an early age, attracts the objectives of the paparazzi. And the little girl’s outfits, dressy dresses and heels, are sparking strong reactions around the world. Becoming one of the favorite subjects of the celebrity press of the 2000s. Six years later, in 2012, the actress initiated divorce proceedings, for “irreconcilable differences”. On July 9, 2012, the couple officially divorced, and Katie Holmes obtained sole custody of Suri Cruise. According to the media, the young woman wanted to protect her daughter from the Church of Scientology, in which Tom Cruise was a member. According to her, the actor Impossible mission imposed an upbringing on Suri that the star did not approve of.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter has grown up!

If Tom Cruise no longer has contact with his daughter, he has been trying, for several years, to reconnect with her, to indoctrinate her, and make her integrate his sect, at her majority. Luckily for Suri, her mom Katie Holmes is keeping watch! In an interview with the magazine In Styleshe said: “There was a lot of attention, and I had a little girl to deal with in the middle of it all. I love him so much. My biggest goal has always been to develop his individuality. I want to make sure she’s 100% herself and that she’s strong, confident and capable.” And it seems to work since the teenager, 15, seems happy and fulfilled. And above all, she has grown well! On March 14, 2022, the star child was photographed on the streets of New York, walking his dog, Morkie, with a friend.

Unrecognizable Suri Cruise

Dressed in a khaki jacket, and a pair of converse, Suri Cruise appeared with a broad smile, the fluorescent pink leash of her hairball in her hands. But if the teenager has the magnificent blue eyes of her father, it is the spitting double of her mother. Indeed, the resemblance to Katie Holmes is more and more striking. As many netizens have pointed out on Twitter: “Suri Cruise looks exactly like both of her parents”, “I have never seen an offspring look so much like her mother”or “I am shocked at how much Suri Cruise looks like her mother Katie Holmes”we could read.