surprise and VIDEO of the evening

Laeticia Hallyday celebrated her 47th birthday with a makeover and in good company. A particularly moving evening during which Yodelice took over a famous song by Johnny…

Laeticia Hallyday celebrated her 47th birthday surrounded by those she loves, on March 18. On the occasion of a birthday party, Johnny’s widow, who wears a new bob haircuthas been honored by many friends, including Maxim Nucciaka the singer yodeliceHis wife Isabelle Ithurburuthe entrepreneur Anne Marcassusthe communications consultant Hoda Rochethe ex-producer of Johnny Jean-Claude Camus, the jeweler Marie Poniatowskithe photograph Dimitri Costedirector Peter Rambaldi, the belgian entrepreneur Luc Duchene and many others…

Birthday of Laeticia Hallyday: Yodelice sings a famous piece of Johnny

We all celebrate together the woman we love so much, said Laeticia Hallyday’s friend, Anne Marcassus, on Instagram. The emotion reached its climax when Yodelice intoned the famous title of Johnny, That I love you.

The daughters of Laeticia Hallyday, Jade and Joy, have they published, each on their side, a tender message to their mother on Instagram. “Mthank you for being the most amazing mom. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for understanding me and for always being there for me. Thank you for supporting me every time. I love you so much“, said the first, while the second paid tribute to “the sweetest woman on earth (…), the most beautiful and generous mother in the world“.