Surprise call on live TV: Rod Stewart calls for Tory resignation

Surprise call on live tv
Rod Stewart calls for Tory resignation

In a live broadcast, viewers complain about the catastrophic conditions in the British health system. Suddenly, without warning, Rod Stewart calls. The rock star says it’s never been so bad in the kingdom. The Conservative government should step down and let Labor take the helm.

British pop star Rod Stewart has vented his frustration with Britain’s Conservative government on live TV. “I was a Tory myself for a long time, but I think this government should step down now and let the Labor Party do it,” the 78-year-old singer-songwriter (“Sailing,” “Baby Jane”) said as he appeared unannounced on a show called from Sky News, in which viewers have their say. Referring to Britain’s chronically underfunded, overburdened health service, Stewart said: “In all my years in this country I’ve never known it to be this bad. Change the damn government.”

Stewart, who was battling cancer himself, offered to pay for 10 to 20 hospital scans for patients suspected of having cancer. “People are dying because they don’t get scans like this,” said the Briton, adding, “I don’t need publicity, I just want to do some good things and I think that’s a good thing. If other people follow me, I would be happy.”

Long waiting times and strikes are threatening the health service

Waiting times for treatment are at record levels in the tax-funded health service, while workers in many sectors are currently walking down their jobs regularly to fight for higher wages and better working conditions. An agreement with the British government is not in sight.

He supports the nursing staff who are on strike because of low wages, the rock star said on the show. The British health service must be “rebuilt with billions and billions” to overcome the crisis. He told the striking nurses: “I’m on your side.” Explaining why he picked up the phone, Stewart said he was watching the show at home while he was building his model railway.