Susana Bicho debuts the most beautiful red and pink dress from Asos

      Friend, it is time to banish the myth that red and pink do not go well together. We’ve all heard of ‘pink and red, punch in the eye’, but the truth is that this combination is perfectly suitable. And not only that, but it is amazing. If you don’t believe us, pay attention to Susana Bicho. With her latest ‘look’, the ‘influencer’ has shown us that a red and pink dress It is the garment we need to dress with style in 2022.

      There was a time when this combination was a resounding no, but for several seasons we have begun to see it with different eyes and now we love it. It can be a bit risky, we won’t say otherwise, but Susana Bicho has inspired us to show it off with her latest post on her Instagram. If combining a red and a pink garment in the same ‘look’ scares you a bit, you can start by wearing these shades in the same garment as she does. It is a dress vaporous, with ‘cut out’ in the abdomen and a wide opening in the leg which is pure fantasy. The crush is real.

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      We celebrate very much and very strongly that Susana Bicho has shown us this wonderful dress, but even more the fact that it is still available in Asses. We love the color, the fluidity of the design and the sexy touch that the openings on the abdomen and legs give it. In conclusion: it is the garment that we need for all the special appointments that we have left in the summer.


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